Best Wooden Headphones

The best wooden headphones have an open back. Additionally, their wooden over ear headphones drivers do not have a seal cover. Thus, you will get to check on the drivers. The cover process of wood over ear headphones uses a thin grip. Again, wood grain headphones offers the best protection. Their open-back wooden headphones produces great sound. Again, the close-back wood wireless headphones produces resonance. Mix and record of producers ensures people get high-quality music.

The different models are affordable. Additionally, they are in use to bring quality services. You will get to experience the immense capability. It’s open design is reliable. Thus, you have assurance that these wooden over ear headphones will serve you.

List of Best Wooden Headphones

1. GRADO Statement S1000e Open-Back Stereo Best Wooden Headphones

Grado GS1000e Statement Series Open-Air Stereo HeadphoneBuy on Amazon

These wood grain headphones boast of large chambers. They help to enclose ears from the side. They will offer you a unique listen booth. Thus, you will appreciate all the music you get to listen to.

These headphones consist of two different materials. Above all, it dominates on the speakers. The wood grain headphones help in the construction of the wooden over ear headphones. The wood consists of mahogany tone. They are well hand-matched. Additionally, it gives acoustic qualities and thus benefits people even more.

Moreover, their wood and leather are not adequate in production of full-body vocals. The harmonic colors are warm. Above all, the top is ultra-smooth. Ordinarily, it offers quality services.


  • Warm harmonic colors with smooth top.
  • Sound vocals have leather.
  • Mahogany tone is hand-matched with acoustic qualities.
  • Dominates headphone construction.
  • Unique booth gives smooth listen experience..


  • Smooth
  • Well-made design
  • Full-bodies vocals
  • Durable


  • Quite pricey

2. Meze Walnut Silver 99 Classics Wire Audiophiles Best Wooden headphones

Meze 99 Classics Walnut Silver | Wired Over-Ear Headphones with Mic and Self Adjustable Headband | Classic Wooden Closed-Back Headset for AudiophilesBuy on Amazon

These wood over ear headphones have unique feature. Again, they use a regular fixture. Overall, it ensures you get long-term audio services. Its power is efficient. Thus, it ensures these best wooden headphones are in use with different devices. This way, you will love their low impedance.

You will love the real wooden over ear headphones ear cups. Generally, it plays a major role in provision of isolation. Their natural sound engages in the monitor of podcasts. The plug process takes place with ease. These headphones are in use with smartphones.

These wood grain headphones improves the listen and music experience. The adjust process takes place. In fact, they spread the weight while they fit the head sizes.


  • Selfless varying head sizes.
  • Low impendence devices.
  • Plugging process uses smartphones.
  • Wood real ear cups has natural sound.
  • Power efficient with low impedance.


  • Self-adjustment
  • Serviceable
  • Improves the listen experience
  • Provides natural sound


  • Average sound

3. Wraith Symphonize Walnut Wood Wireless Headphones

Symphonized Wraith 2.0 Bluetooth Genuine Wood Wireless Headphones with 3.5mm Cable Included for Wired Use (Walnut Wood)Buy on Amazon

Ordinarily, these wood grain headphones leverage and symphonize the acoustical properties of wood. Again, it formulates the unique products. Indeed, they are capable to deliver crisp and clean sound. Also, it replicates the finest and famous instruments in the world.

The different styles offer the listeners unmatch and unique experience. Furthermore, these headphones use modern materials. Equally important, these symphonize products are handcraft.

The wood wireless headphones use genuine wood. Also, it is handcraft to ensure these devices are durable and strong. In conclusion, these are the best headphones for people who aim to get headphones. Of course, they support delivery of durable and strong sound with favorite sounds.


  • Delivers strong and durable sound.
  • Handcraft genuine woods.
  • Symphonize products have unique design.
  • Delivers clean and fine sound.
  • Leverage to symphonize it’s properties.


  • Noise-isolating item
  • Durable
  • Modern materials
  • Acoustic and fine instruments


  • Average durability

4. Rose Floyd FR-18W White Headphones

Floyd Rose Headphones, White (FR-18W)Buy on Amazon

To begin with, these wood wireless headphones consist of metal and wood construction. They will serve you perfectly. Their headband has a pad. Again, it uses headphone wires which are detachable. There is an impeccable sound present in the stylish and durable case.

Again, these FR-18 Floyd Rose wooden over ear headphones are handcraft. Additionally, it helps in the delivery of sound which is world-class. Besides that, you will love their unique design. It combines high fidelity and state-of-art technology.

Subsequently, you will get to love the true balance lows and highs. Adding to that, it ensures the audiophile sound is superior. Also, it produces the best services. Thus, you have certainty that these headphones will suit you at all times.


  • True balance superior lows and highs .
  • Unique design with state-of-art technology.
  • FR-18 Floyd Rose earphones produce world-class sound.
  • Pad has detachable impeccable sound.
  • Consist of wood construction.


  • Detachable
  • High fidelity
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable


  • Expensive

5. Monolith Over-Ear M1060 Professional 106mm Headphones

Monolith Over Ear Planar Magnetic Headphones - With 106mm Driver, 50 Ohm, 10 Watt Maximum Power Handling, Open Back Design, Comfort Ear Pads For Studio/Professional, Black/WoodBuy on Amazon

These headphones consist of planer drivers. There is a flat membrane. Thus, it surrounds with magnets. You will love their design of an open back. It offers an isolate experience. Additionally, it could otherwise be in offer by open-back wood over ear headphones.

In general, these headphones will offer you the best listen experience. Furthermore, they are comfortable. Besides, it has a unique design and outlook. They are comfortable. You will result with listen extend sessions.

Equally important, the ear pads are comfy and large. They will ensure you are always comfortable while you listen to music. It is high time you make an order for these reliable and quality Monolith wooden over ear headphones .


  • Large and comfy earpads.
  • Well extension sessions.
  • Give best listen experience.
  • It offers an isolation listen experience.
  • There are planer drivers with a flat membrane.


  • Comfortable
  • High-quality item
  • Unique open-back design
  • Large ear-pads


  • Average quality cables

6. Over-Ear Beyerdynamic Stand Bundle Best Wooden Headphones

beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 80 Ohm Over-Ear Studio Headphones (Black) Bundle with Hard Shell Headphone Case and Wooden Headphone Stand Bundle (3 Items)Buy on Amazon

These wood grain headphones boast of quality services. Adding to that, they will be in wide use in audiophile applications. Thus, you will love their accurate performance. In fact, the great comfort helps them to work in all areas.

It helps these headphones in check of broadcasts. Again, you will use them in record while in studios. Additionally, the diaphragm assembly and low MC produces unique performance. Besides, they are in use with electrostatic headphones.

They can combine frequency responses. Thus, you will get a balance and natural sound experience. On top of that, the spring steel is robust. So, it offers a secure fit for use in all weather. Besides, the wood wireless headphones ear pads are soft and slide with ease. Furthermore, they use single-side cable to give great comfort.


  • Soft earpads to help them slide.
  • Robust spring steel offers secure fit.
  • Low MC diaphragm assembly.
  • Tracks broadcast.
  • In use in audiophile applications.


  • Comfortable
  • Accurate performance
  • Secure fit
  • Balance and natural sound


  • Average quality

7. HIFIMAN Over-Ear V2 HE1000 Magnetic Planar Headphone

HIFIMAN HE1000 Over Ear Planar Magnetic HeadphoneBuy on Amazon

These best wooden headphones come in three different colors. Mostly, they consist of black, gold, and silver color. Besides, they are thick. As a result, you will enjoy to use them at all times. As a result, you will get long-term and high-quality services.

Its sound is remarkable. For this purpose, it is capable to motivate the listen experience at all times. Along with that, the magnetic circuit is asymmetrical. It is well advanced. Something else, they offer the best reproduction even in live music.

The wood wireless headphones design is ergonomic and comfortable. Furthermore, it is comfortable. It is great for use by people with better durability and reliability. The window shade is well patented. Thus, it ensures the system is reducing sound reflection.


  • Great patent with sound stage.
  • Ergonomic and comfortable to offer unique reliability.
  • The magnetic circuit is asymmetrical.
  • Their sound is remarkable.
  • They are thick to offer long-term services.


  • Remarkable sound
  • Reduces sound reflection
  • Ergonomic
  • Comfortable design


  • Scratches

8. Monolith Ear Planar M565C 106MM Professional Best Wooden Headphones

Monolith Over Ear Planar Magnetic Headphones - with 66mm Driver, Closed Back Design, Comfort Ear Pads for Studio/Professional, 20 Ohms, 2 Watts Maximum Power Handling, Black/WoodBuy on Amazon

These planar drivers have unique design. In fact, wood wireless headphones help them get the best services. Their enhancements are great. Their manufacture process takes place with use of a magnet and symmetrical structure.

The magnet makes sure the planar driver is efficient. Something else, they are in use with back and close enclosure. Following that, the back design has unique closure. Thus, it ensures the outside noise is always out while the music remains inside.

Apart from this, the 565C headphone delivers audio isolation. Another thing, it is excellent. It ensures the sonic landscape never gets to get disturbed by the outside world. This ensures that these wood over ear headphones are perfect. As a result, the listening process takes place with ease.


  • This 565C gives sonic landscape.
  • The back design remains inside.
  • Their magnet ensures the planar driver works well.
  • Enhancements are great with symmetrical structure.
  • Redesign planar drivers offer best services.


  • Comfortable
  • Close-back design
  • Efficient
  • Great redesign


  • None

9. SIVGA Open Back P-II Wood Planar Headphone

SIVGA P-Ⅱ Over Ear Open Back Walnut Wood Hi-Fi Planar Magnetic Headphone with Carry CaseBuy on Amazon

These bass boosted headphones come in a unique design. The wooden over ear headphones has a double side and ultra-Nano planar diaphragm. Thus, you will love the sound and superior characteristic of the walnut black chamber. They ensure one acquires high-quality services.

Their sound is free and is rich and grand in details. It’s sound layer has great optimization. Thus, it gives great transparency. Moreover, they are classic. It ensures the sound quality offers classic style. There are premium and natural materials that will serve you.

The wood grain headphones is comfortable. Also, there are headband earmuffs and sheaths. It’s protection leather makes sure the earphones are closer to the headband. Finally, it offers the best comfort.


  • Comfortable headband earmuffs with sheath.
  • Classic with classic style and premium materials.
  • Free sound with detains which are rich.
  • Walnut black superior characteristics.
  • Consist of double-sided unique design.


  • Comfortable
  • Classic
  • Unique sound
  • Well optimized


  • A bit expensive

10. Ultimate KLH Over-Ear Open-Back Premium Best Wooden Headphones

KLH Ultimate One Open-Back Over Ear Headphones | Premium Studio Music | High-Fidelity Beryllium Driver | Deep Bass | Hi-Res Audiophile Premium Quality | Real Zebrawood Ear CupsBuy on Amazon

These most comfortable over ear headphones offer high-performance. Additionally, they are premium. It will serve you at all times. Furthermore, they allow for listen through the use of a ¼ adapter and 3.5mm. Their wire connection offers quality services.

These headband ear pads uses a lambskin. It is premium with a cowhide. Again, wood over ear headphones consist of top-grade leather. You have assurance of greatest durability. Furthermore, you will get great comfort while you use these headphones.

The black leather has a hard side especially while you use a travel case. Besides, it is soft and luxurious to offer quality services. You will love their great comfort. Majorly, it gives assurance of great comfort.


  • Great general comfort.
  • Hard side black leather gives quality services.
  • You have assurance of great comfort and largest durability.
  • Headband earpads uses a premium lambskin.
  • Uses a wire with a ¼ adapter and 3.5mm connector.


  • Detachable
  • Durable
  • Acoustic integrity
  • Eye-catch beauty


  • Average quality

Guide on Sale of Best Wooden Headphones

While you buy headphones, ensure you check on the headphone’s fidelity. Again, with the help of 93 Db, you will get a well-balance output. In the case where the soundstage is great, you will get the chance to listen to different textures. Often, the jacksepticeye headphones are in use by audiophiles and professionals. Mostly, it’s aim is to get a unique audio experience.

Premium Quality

These headphones utilizes planar drivers. Additionally, they help in the reproduction of the best vocals and sounds. You need to ensure you never compromise on quality. They give assurance you will not get to experience any form of distortion.

Great Value

It is best to settle for the ones which give assurance of the great value of money. You have assurance of the highest frequency lows and highs especially the 50 mm driver.

Closed v Open Back

Since the creation of headphones, people have experience on a variety of changes. Different headphones have variations. Besides, they vary in the many sizes and dimensions. In the case of over-ear headphones, they come in two types of design. It includes the open and closed back.


You will find that drivers are major components. Again, they offer great production of sound signals. Besides, drivers come with great quality. Besides, best wooden headphones come with a seal. They ensure the drivers are always sturdy. Again, it is durable to give the best sound.


This review improves your role towards the buy of durable wooden headphones. All the best wooden headphones in this review are great. Thus, you have an assurance they will serve you at all times.

The best headphones in the market are GRADO Statement S1000e Open-Back Stereo Headphones. They will offer you a unique listen booth. Again, it will ensure you get to appreciate all the music you get to listen to.

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