Best Lens For Canon 6d Mark II Reviews

Here we are going to discuss the best lens for Canon 6D Mark ii. Designed for enthusiast photographers, the new Canon EOS 6D Mark II DSLR camera, along with the best lens for canon 6d mark ii, features several enhancements over its predecessor model. Combined with its 26.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor and DIGIC 7 Image Processor, it is capable of delivering excellent results even at expanded ISO settings, making sigma lenses for canon 6d an excellent choice for landscape, portrait, and event photography. Aside from 45 cross-type AF points, the EOS 6D Mark II features a Dual Pixel CMOS AF system that is fast and accurate and a Vari-angle Touch Screen LCD for Live View that offers a wide range of perspectives. In addition, the best zoom lens for canon 6d dust and water resistance have been added to the body design, as well as improved ergonomics.

With the brand-new Canon EOS 6D Mark II DSLR camera, budding photographers can capture stunning portraits and sceneries, even when the light is low. You can also see the best DSLR lens for vlogging

Here are the top recommended lenses for Canon EOS 6D Mark II DSLR cameras, including wide-angle, telephoto, and zoom lenses. But, of course, you can pick the one you need.

Best Recommend Of Best Lens For Canon 6d Mark II 

1. For Canon EOS SLR cameras, the Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM Lens is a white box (bulk packaging)



Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L is USM Lens for Canon EOS SLR Cameras - White Box (Bulk Packaging)
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It is one of the best lens for canon 6d mark ii. This sigma lenses for canon 6d easy-to-use standard zoom lens can cover a large zoom area ranging from 24mm wide-angle to 105mm portrait-length telephoto.

It also has an Image Stabilizer Technology that can stabilize the camera three stops. You can also check best dslr lens for vlogging if you are interested in vlogging camera lens.

As a triple aspherical best lenses for canon eos 6d, this lens minimizes chromatic aberration and distortion thanks to its Super-UD glass element. The result is very good picture quality, even at wide apertures.

The best zoom lens for canon 6dwould be one of the best lenses for canon eos 6d. Canon’s ring-type USM provides silent, rapid autofocus, as well as full-time manual focusing.

Its robust construction is resistant to dust and moisture, making it an ideal lens for both advanced amateurs and professionals. Typically, these zoom and standard lens are simple to use.

As a result, they can cover a wide area of zoom which ranges from portrait-length of 105mm telephoto. That is not all, their stabilizer and image technology works steadily while placed on the camera.

The general shake-up process takes place with the help of three different stops. Their construction process uses UD and super glass elements with aspherical three lenses.

Adding to that, these lenses guide in the minimization of distortion and chromatic aberrations. It implies you will acquire the best pictures with excellent quality.

Their ring type is made of Canon’s USM which works with the help of the quick AF. In addition to this, you will love the items manual and full-time focus.

They have a moisture-resistant and dust-resistant construction. They are durable and can meet the different demands put by professional and amateur photographers.



  • It has 24 to 105-millimeter standard zoom lens with f/4 maximum aperture for Canon EOS SLR cameras.
  • Three aspherical lenses and one Super UD glass element minimize chromatic aberration and distortion.
  • USM technology provides quiet but quick autofocusing (AF); full-time manual focusing is also available.
  • It is equipped with 3 stops of image stabilization to reduce camera shake; it weighs 23.6 ounces.
  • Dust and moisture resistant, measures 3.3 inches in diameter and 4.2 inches long.


  • Great lens
  • Value for price
  • Warranty included


  • None

2. Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM Lens



Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM Lens
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The sigma lenses for canon 6d is one of the best lens for canon 6d mark ii. Incredibly lightweight, the EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM is a fast and versatile lens with advanced AF and high-quality optics.

Its focal length is 38mm, equivalent to 35mm, which makes it useful for a variety of purposes. The best lenses for canon eos 6d incorporates an aspheric element and has optimized placement of lens elements for high image quality from the center to the corner.

As well as special coatings on the lens elements to reduce glare and ghosting. It is best zoom lens for canon 6d. 7 blades of a circular aperture ensure superb detail in the out-of-focus areas.

Furthermore, the EF-S 24mm f/2.8 best zoom lens for canon 6d excels in movie shooting thanks to its powerful STM motor and micro stepping drive, which ensure that aperture changes are quiet.

Along with that, these camera lenses have maximum aperture and a focal length of 1:2 maximum aperture. These are the lightest and smallest lenses that are in use by the EF S series to guide in delivery of quality services.

Adding to that, there are seven blades circular apertures with soft, and beautiful general backgrounds. What’s more, their manual focus is full-time. This implies they support focus and manual adjustment, especially while on the shot AF and One mode.

There is a 0.5 feet and 0.1 focus minimum distance which helps people to use these lenses with ease. This implies you will result with your desired videos and images with minimal effort.


  • This lens has wide-angle lens for Canon APS C cameras and is equivalent to 38 millimeters on a full-frame camera.
  • Focal length is 24mm, maximum aperture 1:2.8, and the maximum magnification is of x0.27.
  • This lens is one of the lightest and slimmest of the EFS lenses.
  • This lens provides beautiful, and soft backgrounds that are created by the circular aperture.
  • Complete-time manual focus allows manual focus adjustment while in One-Shot AF mode.
  • There are no restrictions on this product’s compatibility with Canon’s non-full frame digital SLR cameras.


  • Excellent for casual portraits
  • Great budget lens
  • Maximum aperture


  • Some barrel distortion
  • Packing is not good

3. Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM Lens, Lens Only



Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L is II USM Lens, Lens Only
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It is one of the best lens for canon 6d mark ii. Sport and wildlife photographers will appreciate the combination of cutting-edge performance, compact construction, and maximum resolving power offered by this model.

The zoom range of this best zoom lens for canon 6d is enhanced by one fluorite element and one super UD element for impressive contrast and resolution and with reduced chromatic aberration.

Further, the 9-blade circular aperture renders soft, beautiful backgrounds, and an Optical Image Stabilizer adjusts the image up to four stops. You can also see sigma lenses for canon 6d.

The best lenses for canon eos 6d now has a rotation-type zoom ring that can be adjusted for optimal zoom performance, as well as a redesign of the tripod mount that allows attachment and removal without taking the lens out of the camera.

Along with that, these cameras have high performance and they are compact. You will love the super-telephoto and L-series which make sure that these lenses are great for use with wildlife and sports photography.

Besides, there is a zoom-ring and rotation type which makes sure the overall composition process is precise and ideal. It implies you will get the best form of balance as you engage in the hold-up process.

That is not all, their zoom torque is improved and there is an adjustment ring that simplifies the general zoom and setting tension. In this case, you are certain of durable and high-quality services.



  • It is suitable for wildlife and sports photography, the L-series super-telephoto zoom is compact and high-performing.
  • With a rotation-type zoom ring, the composition is more precise, and the camera balance is excellent.
  • Zoom tension can be easily set with the improved tension adjustment ring.
  • Its New Air Sphere Coating helps to reduce backlit flaring and ghosting significantly.
  • Highly resistant to dust and water, and exceptional durability enabling shooting even in harsh conditions.


  • Image quality is fantastic
  • Image stabilization is perfect
  • Highly resistant to harsh conditions


  • The tripod collar foot. It’s hard to get on and off
  • Heavyweight lens

4. Tamron AFF017C700 SP 90mm F/2.8 Di VC USD 1:1 Macro for Canon Cameras (Black) – International Version



TAMRON 90 mm F2.8 VC USD Lens for Canon DSLR Camera, F017E
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It is one of the best lens for canon 6d mark ii. Among Tamron’s line of successful 90mm, macro lenses are the Tamron SP 90mm F2.8 MACRO VC (Model F017).

New features contribute to a new generation of superior optical performance. In addition, sigma lenses for canon 6d moisture proof and dustproof best lenses for canon eos 6d construction have been added to prevent dust or water droplets from entering the building.

On the front element, a high-performance fluorine coating effectively prevents condensation. You can also see best dslr lens for vlogging while preventing smudges.

Its exterior design, which is transformed from a 90mm macro lens to an SP 90mm macro lens, attests to the meticulous workmanship. The user can see and feel this in the exquisite texture of the metal lens barrel.

Finally, these lenses support the improvement of dramatic reflection efficiency and thus result in crystal clear and flawless images. Importantly, these lenses have a lens that consists of 14 elements of optical construction with 11 different groups.

Besides, they consist of low dispersion LD and extra-low dispersion XLD. With these glass elements, you will succeed in the control of on-axis and lateral chromatic aberrations.

Adding to that, their float system uses tandem with an efficient optical construction process. In this case, you will succeed in the compensation of aberration and inherent changes as you use to incorporate the different changes.


  • Its Ultrasonic Silent Drive high-torque motor ensures fast and accurate AF response.
  • A three-coil electromagnetic VC image stabilization system provides a 3.5-stop advantage for significantly sharper images.
  • This lens has Minimum Object Distance is 0.30 m.
  • XY-Shift compensation reinforces VC functionality, further improving image stabilization at any shooting distance.
  • Moisture-proof and dust-resistant construction prevents intrusion of dust or water droplets.


  • Extremely versatile lens
  • Distortion is well-controlled
  • Image stabilization


  • None

5. Canon EF-M 28mm f/3.5 Macro IS STM Lens



Canon EF-M 28mm f/3.5 Macro is STM Lens, Black - 1362C005
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The best lenses for canon eos 6d is one of the best lens for canon 6d mark ii an image of a flower covered in dew. Cats’ eyes are the color of amber.

Diamond rings are known for their facets and sparkle. The limitations of sigma lenses for canon 6d can make best zoom lens for canon 6d difficult to take close-up pictures.

Compact and lightweight, the EF-M 28mm f/3.5 Macro IS STM for EOS M series digital cameras has unmatched autofocus performance. Featuring a forward-facing Macro Lite, the camera helps you capture detailed, vibrant photos that display extensive details.

In remarkable close-up photography, this lens can focus to infinity in the regular shooting. Keeping the image sharp is made possible by Hybrid Image Stabilization, which helps reduce blur caused by camera shake when you’re focusing that close.

In addition, a lead screw-type STM stepping motor means the lens is smooth and quiet during operation. Variety of stylish best backpack camera bags are also available.

The macro lite is built-in and is well-enabled to guide in delivery of quality services. In this case, you will get to supply light with minimal effort. Lens has the best form of capacity in the focus of the infinity.

It will help you as you engage in macro shooting and normal shooting with 1.2 overall magnification. That is not all, the IS hybrid supports the reduction of camera shake and thus results in handheld and enjoyable photography.


  • Featuring image stabilization, this macro lens is designed for EOS M cameras.
  • It provides automatic light when Macro Lite is enabled, providing a better sense of depth and dimension to photos.
  • A 1.2x magnification lens with autofocus that can focus at infinity in both regular and macro shooting.
  • Hybrid IS helps reduce camera shake for enjoyable handheld photography.
  • Stepping motor assists in providing near-silent operation when shooting videos and smooth, noiseless photos.


  • Super sharp lens
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • Hard to use

6. Canon EF 16–35mm f/2.8L III USM Lens, Black (0573C002)



Canon EF 16–35mm f/2.8L III USM Lens, Black (0573C002)
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The best zoom lens for canon 6d is one of the best lens for canon 6d mark ii. Photographers and enthusiasts alike will appreciate the EF 16-35mm f/2.8L III USM ultra-wide-angle zoom lens.

Canon L-series lenses come with exceptional image quality and fast, constant apertures so you can exert superb perspective control when shooting.

The maximum f/2.8 aperture gives superb control over depth of field and can be maintained throughout the zoom range, helpful for shooting outdoors at dusk, in inclement weather, or dimly lit rooms.

It would be one of the best lenses for canon eos 6d. The EF 16–35mm f/2.8L III, USM’s optics, are made to deliver images of remarkable clarity and depth, complementing the high-resolution sensors in the SLRs favored by today’s advanced photographers.

Besides, their circular aperture has nine blades which guide in the delivery of soft and reputable overall backgrounds. Another thing, their magnification process uses an EF12 II extension tube with wide compatibility levels.

Again, the magnification is done with the help of ii-0.65 and EF 13. In the case of lens construction, it works with 12 groups and 16 elements and thus helps people to acquire unique and high-quality services.

Apart from this, their lens construction uses 12 groups and 16 elements to offer great and unique kinds of services. When it comes to resistance, these are items that resist both water and dust. In this case, the shooting process is simplified even in the case where the shooting process takes place in harsh and hard conditions.


  • A high-performance ultra-wide-angle zoom lens with a constant maximum aperture of f/2.8.
  • All-new optical design for significant improvements in extreme and corner sharpness.
  • Reduce flare and ghosting with Subwavelength Coating and Air Sphere Coating.
  • Water and dust resistant, allowing for use even in harsh environments.
  • Its circular aperture results in soft backgrounds that are pleasing to the eye.


  • Good image quality
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Constant wide aperture


  • Expensive

7. Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM Standard Zoom Lens



Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM Standard Zoom Lens
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It is one of the best lens for canon 6d mark ii. A superb optics, high-end construction, and performance in a high-end zoom lens have re-established a new level for professional zooms, meeting the demands of digital photography and the ever-increasing demands of image quality.

The sigma lenses for canon 6d aperture remains large throughout its focal length when it is a standard focal length zoom lens. The sigma lenses for canon 6d system is equipped with a Super UD and two UD lens elements.

Thus, they reduce chromatic aberrations and color blur around the edges of the subject at a wide-angle and reduce chromatic aberrations in the center.

The lens is combined with two types of aspherical lenses to help reduce spherical aberrations for the full zoom range and over the whole image area.

As part of their optimization, lens coatings help to maximize color integrity and reduce ghosting. These lenses have filters whose measurements are 82 millimeters.

In the case of the focus and closest distance, they measure 1.25 feet which is an equivalent of 0.38 meters. If you wish to buy a camera lens with the best image stabilization, these are the best items you may ever consider buying as you will not get to encounter any kind of focus adjustment.

Their inner focus consist of diagonal and USM view 84 degrees up to 34 degrees view angle. In the case of weight, these items can carry a maximum of 1.7 pounds.



  • Its maximum aperture is 1:2.8 and a focal length of 24-70mm.
  • The construction of the lens includes the 18 elements in 13 groups.
  • In the diagonal plane, the angle of view is 84° – 34°.
  • It has inner-focusing with USM and has the option for focus adjustment.
  • The closest focusing distance of this lens is 0.38m/1.25 ft.
  • This lens has rotation type zoom system.


  • Superior All-Around Performer
  • Best image quality
  • Zoom able


  • Not good working in low light

8. Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art Lens for Sony E + UV Protective Filter Combo



Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art Lens for Sony E + UV Protective Filter Combo
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It is one of the top lens for canon 6d mark ii creative for those with a gimbal or stabilizer. Due to the focal range and lack of image stabilization, your footage will most likely look slightly shaky shooting handheld.

Not the end of the world, however. This best zoom lens for canon 6d has a 50mm Equivalent Focal Length 16mm Native on Filter- brilliant lenses for all sorts of photography, containing portraits, along with action and night photography.

With a maximum magnification of 0.21x and the smallest focus distance of 1.4 ft. Furthermore, they use a stepper motor (STM), movies are almost silent, and stills are smooth with constant AF.

These items consist of f/1.4 and 50mm sigma HSM art and Sony E overview lens. Besides, they are lenses with a full-frame and the best format which utilizes different aperture ranges.

Besides, there are f/16 and f/1.4 elements present in the aspherical one multi-layer and super Motor Manual hypersonic and coating override. Again, their diaphragm entails nine blades with a protective and UV filter.

You will love the cleaning kit which comes with these high-quality lenses. They give assurance of durable and unique services in all instances as you get to use these unique items.

In terms of durability, these products are durable and thus you are certain of reliable and quality services in the many years to come. In this case, you will avoid the purchase of a new camera lens after a short period. 



  • This is an E-Mount Lens/Full-Frame Format type lens.
  • The aperture range of this lens is F1.4 to f16.
  • This lens have the three SLD Elements and also, have one Aspherical Element.
  • Great Multi-Layer Coating keeps it protected from damage.


  • Incredible lens
  • Great focus
  • Stunning shots


  • Autofocus started failing

9. The Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM is a lens that comes with a glass UV filter, front and rear lens caps, a deluxe cleaning pen, and other accessories



Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM: Lens with Glass UV Filter, Front and Rear Lens Caps, and Deluxe Cleaning Pen, Lens Accessory Bundle 50 mm f1.8 - International Version
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It is one of the best lens for canon 6d mark ii Fantastic for those with a gimbal or stabilizer. Because of the focal range and lack of image stabilization, your footage will most likely look a bit shaky shooting handheld.

Not the end of the world, though this sigma lenses for canon 6d has an 80mm Equivalent Focal Length 50mm Native on Filter- an excellent lenses for all types of photography, including portraits, as well as action and night photography.

With a maximum magnification of 0.21x and a minimum focus distance of 1.15 ft. (0.35m). Using a stepper motor (STM), movies are virtually silent, and stills are smooth with continuous AF.

Generally, these are the best walk-around excellent lens you may ever buy. Besides, they are best for use with nighttime, action, and portrait photography.

You will love the 1.15 ft focus and minimum distance with the 0.211x maximum magnification. Another thing, the STM stepping motor supports the delivery of the continuous and silent Servo and movie AD for both the AF stills and movies.

They are effective and use the 80mm focal length with the aid of the APS-C and unique cameras. As a result, these are the best full-frame and 50mm cameras you may ever decide to purchase.

Generally, it is high time you order these high-quality camera lenses and be among the few people who have acquired the chance to capture the best videos and images.



  • APS-C bodies with x1.6 crop factor have an equivalent focal length of 80mm.
  • This is a good walk-around lens and perfect for shooting portrait and action scenes.
  • It has a max magnification of 0.21x and a minimum focusing distance of 1.15 ft.
  • With the Stepping Motor movies are filled with continuous Movie Servo AF and stills are captured with smooth.
  • A full-frame camera has an effective focal length of 50mm, while an APS-C camera has an effective focal length of 80mm.


  • Great up close
  • Personal lens for the price
  • Durable


  • Auto Focus doesn’t work

10. Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III Telephoto Zoom Lens for Canon SLR Cameras



Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III Telephoto Zoom Lens for Canon SLR Cameras
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The sigma lenses for canon 6d is one of the best lens for canon 6d mark ii. Additionally, the zoom lens offers the best cost-performance ratio among its class of compact, lightweight lenses.

To further reduce operational load during autofocus, the heaviest group was constructed with lightweight glass materials. Combined with the micro USM, the autofocus is quick and quiet.

Overall, there are slim exterior and smooth zooming make this lens a delight to use. With the Canon EF 75-300mm telephoto zoom lens, you can take pictures of the action far away during fast-paced sports or get up close and personal for intimate portraits.

Canon’s long telephoto zoom lens is one of the most affordable lenses on the market, making it perfect for subjects ranging from portraits to nature and wildlife.

It shares the same 13-element optical system as the 75-300mm USM lens but uses a DC motor for autofocus. Generally, these zoom lenses have a high magnification.

They are the lightest and the smallest lens you will come across in the lens class. They are unique and with the capacity to offer cost-effective and ideal services at all times.

Their glass materials have lightweight and are best for use with the element and first groups. These are the heaviest group and part of the optical system you will ever come across in life.

Generally, they support the reduction in the overall operational load. Their zoom process is operational and these lenses are therefore delightful. Its autofocus is quiet and quick and thus focuses on the delivery of high quality and great services.



  • It has focal length that ranges from the 75-300mm.
  • The Maximum aperture of this lens is ranges from the1:4 – 5.6.
  • Lens construction includes the 13 elements in 9 groups.
  • Diagonal angle of view of this lens is 32 (at 11 feet) to 8 degrees (at 15 feet).
  • Distance from subject to closest focusing point is of 4.9 feet.
  • This filter has a 58mm diameter that can capture great photos.


  • Perfect Outdoors Lens
  • Great for the Money
  • lightweight


  • CHEAP kit lens

Aspects to Consider Before Buying Lens for Canon 6d Mark II

Here are all the elements of best digital cameras for beginners that you need to consider before buying the perfect lens for your Canon camera.

Focal Length

The focal length is undoubtedly an essential factor to consider regarding a lens. Unfortunately, and contrary to what people say, there is no perfect length for all cameras. When it comes to purchasing lenses, it’s best to always choose the focal length that suits your needs.

Aperture Size

With the right aperture size, you’ll always get a sharp image no matter what light conditions you’re in. Another thing, light can enter through the aperture of the lens depending on its size.


The price should very rarely be a deciding factor in which lens to buy. Usually, you end up buying the wrong product in order to get the lowest price.

Types of Canon 6D Lenses

The most famous thing about Canon is sigma lenses for canon 6d diversity. Of curse, your camera will capture better quality images and will be easier to use if you have one.

Standard Lens

In terms of their name, these sigma lenses for canon 6d are in the standard range as they produce pictures that are quite similar to natural scenes. So standard lenses will not alter the aesthetics of the scene, so they will capture the scene in its true essence.

Macro Lens

The macro range of best zoom lens for canon 6d caters to those who want to capture close-up details and images. Having been specifically designed, these lenses emphasize contrast and sharpness, ensuring that images will be properly focused.

Wide Angle Lens

It is very common nowadays to see these lenses, mainly due to their popularity. They make it possible to capture a single shot of a specific place.

Telephoto Lenses

According to their name, these lenses are used for shooting at a distance between 10 and 30 meters. Unfortunately, they are larger in size and heavier, too, thus often hindering portability.


Is there a lens that is best suited to the Canon 6D Mark II? Which would be the best lens for canon 6d mark ii. Numerous factors determine how long it takes. You will have a more precise idea of which lens is most suitable for your needs after reading this list. Be sure to know your plans before comparing Canon 6D Mark II lenses. Are you going to use it for shooting portraits? Perhaps, you want something for street photography?

We recommend the best lens Canon EF-M 28mm, which you can get in your budget. It’s also amazing as a daily walk-around lens for a wide-ranging variety of subjects. It capture pictures that look like to how you see them in original.