Best White CPU Cooler Reviews

When you have a CPU that works appropriately, you will find it keeps the temperatures low. The process of picking best white cpu cooler whose performance is throttling is a Bit challenging thus the need to check on this guide.

The review and guide in this article will assist you greatly in the process of buying a CPU cooler. You need to keep the factors in the guide for you have an assurance of getting a white led cpu cooler with high quality and reliable services.

Best Recommend Of Best White CPU Cooler Reviews

1. PHANTEKS Dual Heat-Pipes PH-TC14PE CPU Cooler



PHANTEKS PH-TC14PE 5x?8mm Dual Heat-Pipes Dual 140mm Premium Fans and Quiet CPU Cooler with patented P.A.T.S coating
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While using a CPU that has 8 cores and high TDP, there is a necessity of owning a ham that is overclocking and with high performance. Their bare metal and white aesthetics are offering an ideal choice for use by the PC white color themes in content and gaming creation.

Furthermore, the fins contain huge stacks with a cold plate and it works together with five durable heat pipes to assist in heat dissipation. Besides, their package consists of appropriate brackets.

They are used in the installation process both in the case of AMD and Intel platforms. It has two white cpu fan that have a quiet operation and thus offers high-quality services while compared to their similar price bracket.

Therefore, you have an assurance of high-quality services while using these black and white cpu cooler. These CPU coolers are made of copper materials.

These are materials that are strong and durable and thus have the ability to last long. You will realize that these materials consist of 8mm heat and base pipes.

This way, the heat distribution process occurs effortlessly and with a lot of ease. In terms of bearing type, these materials entail UFB bearing with a balance bearing and updraft floating.

In the case of the blade geometry, these products work with the help of Vortex Maelstrom Booster. Its design is unique and thus guides in the production of high-quality and unique services in all the different instances.


  • Quiet operation fans.
  • Appropriate brackets package .
  • Huge stack fins with heat pipes.
  • White aesthetics bare metal.
  • Quality TDP 8 cores.


  • Excellent CPUs
  • Great for use with overvolted and overclocked CPUs
  • Has two fans
  • Quiet operation


  • The fan attachment system is finicky

2. Ryuo ASUS ROG Aura and Display Black CPU Cooler



Asus ROG Ryuo 120 CPU Cooler with OLED Display and Aura Sync - Black
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The ROG Ryuo is a unique best white cpu cooler which is featuring LiveDash color and 1.77 inches whose role is to help in the display of the power system which includes frequencies, fan speeds, voltages, and temperatures.

After selecting the system stats for use in monitoring, ensure you select to display images and personalized GIFs. The white liquid cooler RGB lighting contains an intuitive interface that plays a major role in arranging varying settings in an easy flow process from the bottom to the top.

These are radiator fans that are ROG-designed. Their control center supports cooling, OLED display, and lighting process. Their overall style supports the complementation of the different ROG motherboards in the build center stage.

Another thing, the tubing is sleeved and reinforced to improve the overall durability process. With the help of the software LiveDash utility, you will succeed in the customization of Ryuo’s ROG OLED LiveDash display.

This ROG Ryuo gives the best groundbreaking especially as one uses AIO coolers. This is because they have 1.77 inches embedded OLED LiveDash color.

In this case, you will result in high-quality and system information that is useful. Their RGB lighting has the best control and can form an interface with the best kind of intuition. In this case, you will succeed in the arrangement of stepping easily in all the different instances.


  • Intuitive interface RGB lighting.
  • Monitors operations with system stats.
  • Software LiveDasj supports OLED display.
  • High quality LiveDash.
  • Unique ROG Ryuo cooler.


  • Modern aesthetics
  • Sleek
  • Optimizes the static and airflow pressure
  • Increased durability


  • Expensive

3. Hydro Series Corsair Platinum SE H100i RGB PWM Fans



Corsair iCUE H100i RGB Pro XT, 240mm Radiator
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Welcome to these PWM RGB fans with the capacity of delivering different colors ranging from 16 LEDs. Their airflow is improved and thus gives an assurance of high CPU cooling results and general performance.

The special edition style consists of the SE nature and this implies it is featuring a radiator and white cpu fan and thus accent one’s system style while reflecting on the general look of the RGB lighting capacity.

The multi-zone is dynamic and consists of an RGB pump with pump heads which are producing customizable and stunning lighting effects. The lights will be matching with the radiant materials.

Their high quality and durable aluminum color is similar to those of best air cooler for ryzen 2700x. Besides, the CPU cooling process gives incredible and extreme experience with high performance while engaging in varying operations.

The PWM and RGB fans come in two numbers. Besides, these LL120 Corsair white fans support the delivery of the best form of colors with the help of 16 LEDs.

Again, you will love their airflow which is improved to support the best cooling performance which is improved perfectly. Besides, their airflow has 63 CFM which helps these devices in the production of unique and quality services in different instances.

In the case of the edition and special style, it gets to produce a unique and quality form of service. These SE are known to have a white and brilliant fan that houses the best materials.

With the radiator, you will easily accent the different systems styles. This implies you will easily succeed in the reflection of different kinds of RB lightings.


  • Extreme and incredible CPU cooling procedure.
  • Radiant materials lights.
  • Dynamic multi-zone.
  • Special style SE edition s.
  • Airflow offers great CPU results.


  • Reflects the lighting process
  • High cooling performance
  • Eliminates fan noise
  • Quiet cooling process


  • Average quality services

4. ASUS ROG LC360 Strix 3 x 12 cm CPU Cooler Fans



ASUS ROG Strix LC 360 All-in-one Liquid CPU Cooler with Aura Sync RGB, and 3X ROG 120mm Radiator Fan
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These fans are boasting of having slash-cut patterns and a ROG logo present on the housing to work with LC ROG Strix series and RGB Aura lighting.

There is a vibrant burst both in the sleek style and color. Their lighting effects and colors are customized easily and are thus matching with different system colors to acquire a unified look.

You will realize the ROG fan is tuned specifically to help the fan in delivering high performance while used with LC radiators for a superior and great overall cooling experience.

Importantly, the ROG series is highly compatible and they work perfectly with AMD best motherboard for intel and a wide Intel range of varying motherboard platforms.

It is high time you make an order of these high quality and durable fans. The radiators come in a rog design. As a result, you will love their general optimization process which helps the static pressure and airflow to work with ease.

They are addressable in an individual manner with the aid of the NCVM and RGB coating, With the aid of the pump cover, you will succeed in the accentuation of the modern and sleek aesthetics.

In the case of style, they support the complementation of the motherboards made of ROG especially at the build center stage. In all the different times, you will get to use the sleeved and reinforced tubing. This way, their general durability increases and works in a better manner.


  • Compatible ROG series.
  • Well tuned ROG fan.
  • Well customized lighting colors and effects.
  • Great vibrant burst.
  • Slash-cut quality fans patterns.


  • Optimum performance
  • Sleek
  • Flexible
  • The cooling efficiency process is superior


  • None

5. DEEPCOOL RGB Anti-Leak Technology Cable Controller Fans



DeepCool Castle 360EX Liquid Cooler 360mm Dual-Chamber Pump 2550RPM Aura Sync RGB AIO Cooler 300w TDP Anti-Leak Tech with PWM Fans 1800RPM CPU Water Cooler for AMD AM4 LGA 1700/1200/1151/1150, White
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Here are fans that are equipped with the help of infinitive effects immersive lighting and mirror finish. The 360EX castle is inheriting its fabulous and familial appearance which will help you acquire long-term services.

Their RGB lighting is highly addressable and they are adjustable because of the SYNC function and 5V motherboard located on the controller. The control process is done by the motherboard.

Again, they have the SYNC 12V function which works hand in hand with the controller. The white led cpu cooler are skived fins located on the copper base backside and the heat absorption process has been increased extensively.

There are rounded corners that play a major role in implementing double chambers. Besides, their castle 360EX works with exclusive Deepcool’s in the production of anti-leak and high-quality technology.

Besides, this technology guides the system in the achievement of a pressure balance that is well automated in this case, you will succeed in the improvement of safety operations with the aid of liquid cooling and AIO systems.

Their skived fins are 25%. They are located in the copper base back to support the overall heat absorption process. Another thing, the copper base is ultra-large.

The overall compatibility is extensive and gives quality services. Finally, there is an addressable 5V RGB whose adjustability takes place through the help of the motherboard.


  • Round corners in surroundings.
  • Copper base skive fins backside.
  • Motherboard helps in control process.
  • Well addressable RGB lighting.
  • Fabulous 360EX castle appearance.


  • Helps in absorption of heat
  • Infinitive visual effects
  • Adjustable
  • Reduces operation noise


  • Not white

6. Antec Pure White LED C400 Glacial C PU Cooler



Antec CPU Cooler, C400 Glacial 120mm Pure White LED for Intel LGA 775/1150/ 1151/1155/ 1156/1366/ 2011/2066 & AMD Socket FM2/ FM1/ AM3+/ AM2 +/ AM2/ AM4
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You will love these coolers with a silent PWM fan and a four-pin connector. This fan will help you in controlling the overall speed with the CPU temperatures while at the same time decreasing the black and white cpu cooler noise greatly.

The cold plate measures 8mm and works hand in hand with pure copper which is directly touched. This cold plate is highly efficient because they have massive areas which work great with the help of fans while at the same time improving their overall thermal conductivity.

The heating copper pipes are four in number and their thermal conductivity is high and thus helps in the fast heat transfer process. Its installation process is easy and thus you will finish installing it within a short period.

Generally, the PWM is a connector that has four pins. Thus, it is a silent fan that guides in production of quality services. There is speed automatic controls in which CPU temperature is efficient.

Generally, the general speed gets controlled efficiently through the noise reduction process. You will love the direct-touched 8mm cold and pure copper plate.

Their general efficiency is high. This cold plate has the best form of efficiency while the overall area is immersive and unique. It works with the aid of the cold plate whose overall area is massive.

With the fan and fins, the overall thermal conductivity increases. The simple installation process of these products helps a person to use them with a lot of ease.


  • Easy installation process
  • Four copper heat pipes
  • Efficient cold plate
  • 8mm cold plate
  • Fans help in speed control


  • Long lifespan
  • Easy to install
  • Increased thermal conductivity
  • Decreases noise


  • A bit expensive

7. Phanteks Dual Tower U-Type PH-TC12DX CPU Sink Cooler



Phanteks U-Type Dual Tower Heat-Sink CPU Cooler PH-TC12DX, White
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The heat sink dual tower works with heat pipes which helps in optimal cooling and easy airflow. Their heat pipes measure 6mm and are aligned linearly to allow for thermal and air resistance at all times.

Equally important, different best white cpu cooler PATS play a major role in improving reliability and cooling performance through deflection of all the thermal radiations.

It has a spraying cold plasma coating tech which helps in the formation of deposits. They have the capacity of displacing air in the corresponding metal for quicker and better rates.

The Phanteks are using a drive system, MAFO, 9 blades, and UFB to achieve great dynamic balance and massive airflow. Their different PATS support the increase in the reliable and unique cooling performance.

This way, you will get the chance to deflect on the heat source and other thermal radiations. Its C.P.S.C comes in a patented manner and consists of a brand with new technologies.

Their different deposits support the heats displacement process. Different corresponding metals get to work at a quick rate. Another thing, the premium Phanteks fans utilize UFB with 9 blades bearing.

You will find there is a MAFO whose role is to guide in the achievement of an airflow that is massive. In the case of balance, the procedure dynamically takes place. Generally, the diamond-like and high purity materials support the improvement of the whole thermal conductance process.


  • Drive system Phanteks.
  • Coolers have ability to displace air.
  • Consist of a Plasma tech.
  • PATS increases performance and reliability.
  • Heat pipes whose measurements are 6mm.


  • Dynamic balance
  • Massive airflow
  • Thermal resistance
  • Durable


  • The setup process is quite tiresome

8. Phanteks 120mm Mirror Pump Cap Black CPU Coolers



Phanteks (P-GO240MP_DBK01) Glacier One 240MP D-RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler, Infinity Mirror Pump Cap Design, 2X Silent 120mm MP PWM Fans, Black
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The white liquid cooler has been pre-filled and are great for use in the plug-and-play process. Their operation process is highly reliable and they are well reinforced with the help of tube sleeves.

You will certainly love the 100% copper plate and controlled PWM fans and pumps because of their high-quality services. Besides that, the white led cpu cooler cap has an infinity mirror with different D-RGB lighting and tempered window glass.

Their PWM 120mm fans are well optimized to give room for silent operation because of the static pressure help. These fans are black and they thus match well with varying computers regardless of their color.

Again, they have high performance and this implies you will acquire high-quality services in the course of using them. These coolers are perfectly pre-filled to give great services at all times.

Their play and plug installation gives reliable operations to different people. Their braids are reinforced as their braids rent consist of tube sleeves. You will love pure copper whose cold plate consists of 100%.

Besides, their mirror pump infinity comes with the best cap design. You will find the fact that it is well integrated with the help of LED and D-RGB lighting.

Another thing, you will love the MP and 120mm dual PWM fans. This way, these products are optimized and great. Their pressure comes with high statics while the different operations come in a silent nature. It is high time you buy these durable coolers that will offer you unique and quality services.


  • Unique performance fans.
  • Black high quality fans.
  • Unique optimization 120mm fans.
  • Infinity mirror pump cap.
  • Plate is made of 100% copper.


  • High performance
  • Reliable operation
  • Silent operation
  • High static pressure


  • None at all

9. ASUS 120MM White Edition LC 240 Radiator Fans



ASUS ROG Strix LC 240 RGB White Edition All-in-one Liquid CPU Cooler with Aura Sync RGB, and Dual ROG 120mm addressable RGB Radiator Fans
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These white edition coolers of the Strix ROG kind have high performance and they deliver all white and clean aesthetics. Besides, it features RGB addressable radiator fans and their design contains a closed-loop.

The different white edition RGB LC Strix is unleashing the fans’ full potential on the AMD CPU and unlocked Intel. Besides, their multi-color and brilliant effects will go a long distance in ensuring you acquire high-quality services in the course of using these white cpu fan.

When it comes to style, features, and performance, these white edition Strix RGB coolers have ended up becoming an important part of all people’s rigs.

The style goes a long way in complementing the motherboard especially because of its unique build. Their Strix and ROG white edition are coolers with great services.

Besides, you will love the CPU high-performance. Besides, their cooling is cool because of the help of the all-white and clean aesthetics. Another thing, they feature addressable and closed-loop radiator fans.

Their RGB and Strix LC guide in the unleashing of the unlocked full potential. It implies you will succeed in the accentuation of the multi-color and brilliant lighting effects.

In the case of performance, these items feature the best ROG style. Generally, the coolers consist of white RGB editions and are thus an important part of the different rigs. These products are cheap and thus you will purchase them without having to spend a lot of money.



  • Fan’s style matches with motherboard.
  • White edition fan simplifies cooling process.
  • Brilliant effects of multi-color.
  • White edition unleashes RGB LC Strix potential.
  • Cooler fans contain radiator fans.


  • Modern aesthetics
  • Durable
  • Well reinforced
  • Complements with the motherboard


  • Pricey

10. ROG ASUS 750 Fully Modular Strix Axial Tech Fans



ASUS ROG Strix 750 Fully Modular 80 Plus Gold 750W ATX Power Supply with 0dB Axial Tech Fan and 10 Year Warranty
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Welcome to the integrated fans with adequate volume and different traditional designs which result from the low temperatures. They extend the lifespan of the components.

Thus, it gives room for OdB operation while used in long periods more than the standard designs. Since the white liquid cooler is highly effective, you have assurance the fans remain quiet at all times even in the case where they are loaded fully.

In the past, there were efforts for axial-tech design and graphic cards with a small fan hub which is facilitating the presence of long blades with barrier rings.

They decrease the fans’ air pressure in the course of its use. Their efficiency has been enhanced greatly and thus helps the fan in keeping things in the right manner even at the lower RPMs.

These are items with Plus Gold and 750W gold certification. It makes sure the energy is efficient in all the different items. With the Japanese 100% capacities, you will get these coolers to be durable and stable.

In the case of the OdB cooling, they are IP5X dustproof and uses ROG integrated heatsinks and axial-tech IP5X fans. IT is for this reason that the different cooler operations are carried out with a lot of ease.

When you purchase this product, you will get 10 years of certainty of durable and high-quality services. This way, you will avoid the purchase of another different model after just a short period. 



  • Right manner efficiency.
  • Graphics cards have axial-tech design.
  • Quiet fans with reliable operations.
  • Improves components lifespan.
  • Adequate volume integrated fans.


  • High efficiency
  • Increased lifespan
  • Facilitates the long blades
  • Increases downward pressure


  • The setup process is challenging

Guide on Purchase of white CPU Coolers

While buying CPU components, different factors will guide you in making the best choice. When you pay close attention to this guide, you will make the most ideal choice.


While using computers with small motherboards, the big coolers are likely to hang and thus become lesser useful. With the help of these ITX motherboards, you will realize the CPU sockets are more closely in the PCle slots. Ensure you buy CPU black and white cpu cooler that are compact to prevent the possibility of overhanging.

RAM Compatibility

When you use cooler models that are bigger than the motherboards, you will encounter problems. Coolers ranging from 92mm and 120mm are moderate and will thus never hang. These are thus the best CPU coolers which you ought to buy for you to have an assurance that your computer will work perfectly.

Cooler Height and Case Compatibility

Varying PC cases are offering varying amounts of CPU coolers clearance. When you refer to the manufacturer’s website, you will get adequate knowledge of the CPU cooler’s specified clearance levels. Always pick a cooler that fits perfectly in the chassis.

Popular Recommendations and Choices

While buying CPU coolers and drop in coolers, always check on reviews to determine how other people found them to work out. The reviews will help you greatly and you will thus ensure you never end up making the wrong choice.


Your search for a durable and compatible best white cpu cooler ends here. With the help of this review, you will buy a cooler that will serve you conveniently in the many years to come. Thus, you will get to love the outcome when it comes to the general workability of your CPU.

The best recommended CPU cooler in the market is PHANTEKS Dual Heat-Pipes PH-TC14PE CPU Cooler. Their bare metal and white aesthetics are offering an ideal choice for use by the PC white color themes in content and gaming creation.

Recommend Products