Rated Horizontal Desktop Computer Case Reviews

For a computer case with a low budget, you must consider the cost of varying computer cases. Different horizontal desktop computer case is known to play a major role in the cooling of different computers. While compared to other different components such as graphic cards, processors, and RAM, you are assured of acquiring reliable services. Furthermore, the role of cases is minimal. Besides, it is better to spend a lesser amount of money on the sale of best horizontal pc case. Also, buy horizontal computer cases with high quality and durable components. With high-quality components, you have certainty that the computer performance is improved.

While buying horizontal computer cases, you have assurance of quality and durable services at all times. The CPU components will get great protection from dust. Again, their different parts perform even better in different instances.

List of Best Rated Horizontal Desktop Computer Case

1. Tek Silverstone Steel/Door Black Horizontal Desktop Computer Case

Silverstone Tek Aluminum Front Door/Steel Body Micro ATX Media Center/HTPC Case ML04B - BlackBuy on Amazon

These computer case horizontal have the capacity to combine all the Grandia series features. Besides, they contain full-size features with unique dimensions. Additionally, the ML04 comes with 350mm depth and 105mm height. It simplifies the integration prices to all the different living rooms.

Indeed, you have an assurance that these horizontal pc cases will end up accommodating the hard drives with 3.5” and SSD/HDD with 2.5”. Also, they are designed with the help of drive cages. Thus, they can mount without having to use the drivers.

Their features offer distinguishing services while the ML04 aluminum foot is lockable. So, it has similar design in the GD07 larger horizontal desktop case. Finally, the best horizontal pc case power button and front lockable door ensure the system has great security at all times.


  • Front lockable door and power button.
  • Features distinguishing ML04 aluminum foot services.
  • Designed by drive cages.
  • These cases accommodate the 3.5” and SSD/HDD hard drives.
  • ML04 comes with 105mm height and 350mm depth.


  • Durable
  • Great brightness
  • High-quality item
  • Lockable door


  • Pricey

2. Master Cooker EVO-High XB HAF Motherboard Computer Case

Cooler Master HAF XB EVO High AirFlow Lan Box Case, Mesh Front Panel, ATX Motherboard Support, 240mm AIO Support, Max GPU Card 334 mm (RC-902XB-KKN2)Buy on Amazon

With the help of a horizontal desktop computer case, you will transform the test benches. They are ideal for use by overclockers and enthusiasts. Their trifle fans are durable. Another thing, it is located in the front to support a radiator with 240 millimeters.

Subsequently, they support a variety of CPU tower coolers with 334-millimeter length. That not all, the CPU coolers consist of 180-millimeter tallness. With these cases, you have an assurance of supporting SSDs and 4 HDDs.

The horizontal computer cases work because of the HHD cages which are easily removable. So, the motherboard tray is easy to install. Something else, it helps in swapping and removing contents with lesser effort and within a very short time.


  • Motherboard tray installation takes place with lesser effort.
  • Computer cases uses removable HHD cages.
  • Supports 4 HDDs and SSDs.
  • Supports 334-millimeter length CPU tower coolers.
  • Durable trifle fans with 240 millimeters radiator.


  • Durable
  • Fast
  • High-quality item
  • Easy to use


  • Has dirt issues

3. MicroATX FH300TB3 In-Win Black Slim Computer Case

In-Win CE685.FH300TB3 300W MicroATX Slim Case (Black)Buy on Amazon

These best horizontal pc case have a thermal and innovative design. Ordinarily, it helps them to carry different activities with ease. The horizontal pc cases holes are located on the side and bottom panels. So, it help in placement both on the horizontal and vertical stance.

They end up offering the best Vacuum effect. Adding to that, it works with the help of 90mm and a built-in front fan. You are assured of frequent heat dissipation as these horizontal computer cases are equipped. It uses 3.0 USB ports and 2.0 USB ports for use by different USB connections.

The best horizontal pc case design consists of a tool-free design. Furthermore, it works well while used with fan odd HDD bracket and one-touch PCl slots. The different features work towards ensuring one acquires fast system maintenance and assembly within a short time.


  • Fast system and assembly maintenance.
  • Tool-free PCl one-touch slots design.
  • 2.0 USB and 3.0 USB heat dissipation.
  • Bottom and side panels holes in stance.
  • Innovative and thermal design.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to maintain
  • Durable
  • Innovative design


  • None

4. SilverStone Home Theater Technology GD10B Computer Case

SilverStone Technology Home Theater Computer Case (HTPC)with lockable front panel for ATX / Micro-ATX Motherboards GD10BBuy on Amazon

With the help of these horizontal desktop computer case, you have assurance the front lockable doors give great security to the drives and system. Their air pressure has a unique design. It is positive towards the offering of quietness and cooling services. Besides, it prevents the occurrence of dust.

Equally important, the expansion cards of horizontal pc cases offer adequate support. They have the capacity to support up to greatest 12.2 inches while in use. The access filters work quickly. Thus, it prevents the occurrence of dust to the CPU.

The computer case horizontal is incredible with a depth of 362mm. They are known to fit in the theater and home cabinet. Their drive cages work with varying purpose mounts. As a result, it eliminates the necessity of using adapters.


  • Drive cages removes use of adapters.
  • 362mm incredible depth.
  • The expansion cards gives 12.2 inches adequate support.
  • Quick access filters in CPU.
  • Unique design air pressure.


  • Prevents the occurrence of dust
  • Excellent cooling system
  • Eliminates all adapters
  • Gives great quietness


  • Average quality

5. Tek Silverstone SG11B Small Form Mini-ITX Horizontal Desktop Computer Case

Silverstone Tek Micro-ATX, Mini-DTX, Mini-ITX Small Form Factor Computer Case, Compatible with ATX PSU Cases SG11BBuy on Amazon

These horizontal desktop case work towards building the most reliable case designs with the help of Sugo SG01 and the product SilverStone portfolio. They will get to maintain the best shoebox classic proportions.

The SG11 is impressive. Mostly, it accommodates different standard components. Their clean styling is unique. Furthermore, horizontal pc cases offers high-quality computer case with fan controller for use by all people who wish to build a powerful and compact workstation.

What’s more, these SG11 best horizontal pc case have the capacity to fit in the power full-size graphic cards. In fact, the power supplies have ability to offer reliable and quality services in all instances. In conclusion, the horizontal computer cases SG11 consists of 120mm fans. It spins at 1200rpm and they give reliable services.


  • SG11 has 1200rpm and120mm fans.
  • Fits in full-size and power graphic cards.
  • Unique clean styling with compact workstation.
  • High impressive SG11 accommodates standard components.
  • Reliable SG01 Sugo computer designs.


  • Full-size supplies
  • Compatible supplies
  • Durable
  • High-quality item


  • Metal edges are sharp

6. Antec VSK2000-U23 Solution Series HDD/ODD Desktop Case

Antec Value Solution Series VSK2000-U3 Micro-ATX Desktop Case, Tool-Less ODD/HDD Housing System, 2 x USB3.0, 92 mm Temperature Controlled Fan Included, 2-Year Warranty, BlackBuy on Amazon

These are strong desktop cases with a modest size. Another thing, it helps on the creation of a system integrator that is perfect. Their housing system consists of HDD/ODD. More also, it is tool-less and is thus reliable for use in installation. You will use lesser effort and get to run it within a short time.

Again, there is a base. It ensures the installation process takes place. Besides, it helps in saving space on the desktop. Besides that, the chassis is modest. They offer the best form factor for use by the Mini ATX and Micro ATX motherboard.

The graphic card has greatest size of 200 mm length. Thus, this implies use of these quality best horizontal pc case with lesser effort. You thus have a guarantee of reliable and quality services at all times in the course of using these high-quality desktop cases.


  • Quality and reliable desktop services.
  • 200mm length graphic card.
  • Modest chassis with Micro ATX and Mini ATX motherboard.
  • Installation process base is vertical.
  • ODD/HDD housing system.


  • Durable
  • Fast installation
  • Easy to use
  • Saves space


  • Expensive

7. Mini-ITX SilverStone White/Black SG13WB Computer Case

SilverStone Technology Mini-DTX, Mini-ITX Small Form Factor Computer Case SG13WB Black/WhiteBuy on Amazon

These horizontal pc cases chassis are ultra-compact. In fact, it is cost-effective and are thus focused on offering reliable and quality services. They consist of 11.5 liters. It is incredible for use with affordable components.

These computer case horizontal come in three colors from which you will make your selection. Adding to that, the main colors include pink, white, and black color. You will realize they come in front of two-panel types with solid and mesh nature.

Along with that, the mesh model is black. Furthermore, it comes with varying Type-C USB port which is located on the front. You will realize they are offering internal and many configurations. As a result, it maximizes the computer case’s compatibility.


  • Offers many internal configurations.
  • Black mesh model with USB Type-C port.
  • Three colors computers white, pink and black color.
  • Two-panel computer types.
  • Credible 11.5 liters.


  • Compatible
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Ultra-compact chassis


  • Challenging to install

8. Node Fractal Design Mini-ITX 202 Black Riser Card Computer Case

Fractal Design Node 202 - Black - Mini-ITX Slim Profile Compact Small Form Factor Computer Case – Modular Interior - USB 3.0Buy on Amazon

Get a look at these unique horizontal desktop case. Generally, it’s design is elegant and sleek. Thus, it helps them fit in varying rooms and spaces. They are placed in different air filters. Again, it offers a high-quality interior that is dust-free.

Their overall footprint is small while their overall volume consists of 10.2 liters. Again, these horizontal pc cases are versatile. Besides, it is set up with ease both horizontally and vertically. Importantly, they are compatible. Also, it uses graphics cards, power SFX supplies, and Mini-ITX motherboards.

All the CPU parts offer long-term and quality services. Along with that, the thermal interior contains a smart design. Again, there is a separate motherboard which is highlighting with the help of card graphics chambers.


  • Interior smart design thermal separates motherboard.
  • Versatile and easy to set up.
  • Small 10.2 liters footprint.
  • Strategic with high-quality interior air filters.
  • Unique and elegant computer cases.


  • Versatile
  • Compatible
  • Durable
  • Elegant and sleek design


  • Low-quality bottom clips

9. SilverStone CS381B Black Hot-Swap NAS Storage Case

SilverStone Technology CS381B Micro-ATX/Mini-DTX/Mini-Itx 8 Bay Hot Swap 2.5'/3.5' SAS-12G/SAS-6G NAS Storage Case with 2X 120mm Dual Ball Bearing Fan, BlackBuy on Amazon

These computer cases have the capacity to support 12 drives because of the Micro-ATX 30-liter unprecedented chassis size. You will love their horizontal and vertical position. Besides, it helps different users place the CS381 with ease in different places.

They have a long life. So, it offers reliable and quality services in all instances. Moreover, they have the capacity to accommodate both SFX-L and SFX supply. You have an assurance of quality services.

These horizontal pc cases are perfect and great in offering long-term and quality services. While using the Kensington lock present on the front panel, you have an assurance of acquiring the best security in all instances.


  • Front panel Kensington lock.
  • Quality computer with long-term services.
  • Accommodates SFX and SFX-L.
  • Long life computer cases.
  • Vertical and horizontal CS381 position.


  • Durable
  • Great support
  • Extra security
  • Reliable


  • Short cables

10. Thermaltake Black Edition P5 Open Frame OOM1WN-05 Modular Computer Case

Thermaltake Core P5 Tempered Glass V2 Black Edition Open Frame Vertical GPU Modular ATX Computer Case CA-1E7-00M1WN-05Buy on Amazon

These open horizontal computer cases boast of taking advantage of the panoramic full viewing. Also, it gives the best presentation to the chassis. Their view is clear and works with different PC gaming. There are tempered 5mm window and glass side design.

Besides, there is GPU two placement. Mostly, their major role is to allow for vertical mounting of the GPU with the help of the rise TT gaming cable. The placement layout takes place in a three-way manner. That not all, it works with placement layouts which are horizontal, vertical, and wall mounts.

While using these horizontal computer cases, you will get the chance of angling your computer at all your required angles. This motherboard works in a two-way placement manner. It offers the best angles which help in horizontal and vertical mounting.


  • Two-way motherboard placement.
  • Angling angles of computer cases.
  • Three way placement layout.
  • GPU vertical mounting two placements.
  • Clear view works with PC gaming.


  • Modular design
  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • Many configurations


  • Average quality

Guide on Sale of Horizontal Desktop Computer Case

Computer cases are focused on protection of different components. Besides, they influence the amount of air that gets into the system while at the same time ensuring the air is always cool.


While addressing case compatibility, ensure you take closer attention to the form factor and clearance issues. There are different sizes of computer cases. These include Mini-ITX, Micro ATX, Mid Tower, and a Full Tower. There are no standards that are put for one to check in the case sizes.

Length of Graphics Card

The horizontal computer cases video cards on the higher-end are much longer when compared to the video cards. With long graphics cards, you will get to experience lesser clearance issues. In case the case is capable of accommodating different graphics cards which are longer than the graphics card, then you are set to go.

CPU Cooler Height

Some graphics cards are much longer than others. Some cases have a shallow depth. Thus, it is incapable to accommodate the tall air coolers. It is good to ensure the CPU cooler you have selected fits in given cases. Always be keen to give a closer look at the air CPU cooler and the case under consideration.

Radiator Size

Liquid cooling systems utilizes liquids in transferring heat, especially from the processor to the radiator. Some fans are installed in the radiator and are thus capable of dissipating heat from the radiator.


While using best horizontal pc case, property, valuables, health and life are of great necessity. A horizontal desktop computer case will help you to ensure that your computer serves you for many years. It will ensure you get great confidence to assist you in tackling different life challenges.

The best recommended Horizontal Desktop Computer Case in the market is Tek Silverstone Steel/Door Black Computer Case. Their ML04 comes with 350mm depth and 105mm height which simplifies the integration prices to all the different living rooms.

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